Advanced Federal Tax Calculator

Federal Tax Calculator

Yearly Tax Calculator

How to use the tax calculator

  1. Enter your Yearly income.
  2. Press Calculate to see your tax and take home breakdown - Tax made Simple

How to use the advanced tax calculator

  1. Enter your Yearly income.
  2. Check the box - Advanced Federal Tax Calculator
  3. Confirm Number of Dependants
  4. Select other relevant tax factors (Age related tax allowances, head of household tax allowance, tax-deferred retirement plan, cafeteria etc)
  5. Click Calculate to see your tax, medicare and take home breakdown - Federal Tax made Simple

Mobile friendly Tax Calculator

New: Mobile friendly Tax Calculator. Thanks for the feedback on the tax calculator, we have now released a more mobile / tablet friendly tax calculator. Same tax features, just a smoother interface. Works well on desktops too, especially wide screen 22 inch monitor.

Tax Illustrations

Looking for a quick snapshot tax illustration and example of how to calculate your tax return? Go to our Salary Tax Illustrations and select an annual salary assessment for an instant tax illustration with tax breakdown and Medicare example.

Updates to the Tax Calculator

The following updates have been applied to the Tax calculator:

  • Selectable Tax year
  • Tax calculations allow for Tax-Deferred Retirement Plan
  • Tax calculations allow for Cafeteria or other Pre-Tax Plans
  • Selectable Tax year
  • Updated to include 2014 Federal tax rates
  • Updated to apply Medicare and Social Security deductions as Pre-Federal Tax calculation Thank you Justin Duel

This federal tax calculator is as good as the feedback, your support, requests and bug catches help to improve the accuracy of the tax calculator for all.

This tax calculator aims to balance ease of use with transparency of tax calculation but is provided for illustration only. Remember that you should always seek professional advice and audit your tax return



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