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Form 706qdt-instructions: Instructions for Form 706-QDT

Use Tax Form 706qdt-instructions: Instructions for Form 706-QDT as a stand alone tax form calculator to quickly calculate specific amounts for your 2024 tax return. Alternatively you can use one of our Combined Federal and State Tax Estimator to quickly calculate your salary, tax and take home pay.

Instructions for Form 706-QDT
After December 31, 2004 but before January 1, 200647%
After December 31, 2005 but before January 1, 200746%
After December 31, 2006 but before January 1, 201045%
After December 31, 2009 but before January 1, 201335%
After December 31, 201239%
* Special rules can apply for 2010. For more information, see Publication 4895, Tax Treatment of Property Acquired From a Decedent Dying in 2010.

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