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Form 720cs-instructions: Instructions for Form 720-CS

Use Tax Form 720cs-instructions: Instructions for Form 720-CS as a stand alone tax form calculator to quickly calculate specific amounts for your 2024 tax return. Alternatively you can use one of our Combined Federal and State Tax Estimator to quickly calculate your salary, tax and take home pay.

Instructions for Form 720-CS
Table 2. Product Codes
ProductProduct CodeProductProduct Code
Additive Miscellaneous090Diesel Fuel Dyed (continued):
Alcohol:Diesel Fuel Low Sulfur Dyed227
Ethanol MixtureE00 – E991Diesel Fuel # 1 Dyed231
Methanol MixtureM00 – M99Diesel Fuel # 4 Dyed153
Aviation Gasoline125Ethane052
Biodiesel MixtureB00 – B991Isobutane058
Dyed Biodiesel MixtureD00 – D991Kerosene Undyed:
Blending Components:Kerosene Low Sulfur Undyed145
Blending Components Other122Kerosene Low Sulfur Undyed147
Butane, including Butane Propane Mix055Kerosene Dyed:
ETBE249Kerosene Low Sulfur Dyed073
MTBE093Kerosene High Sulfur Dyed074
Napthas126Mineral Spirits:
Pentanes, including Isopentane059Jet Fuel130
Raffinates223Excluded Liquid (Mineral Oil)077
TAME121Liquefied Natural Gas225
Toluene199Marine Diesel Oil279
Transmix100Marine Gas Oil280
Butylene198Mineral Oils281
Compressed Natural Gas224Propane054
Diesel Fuel Undyed:Propylene075
Diesel Fuel # 1 Low Sulfur Undyed161Undefined (Other) Product092
Diesel Fuel # 2 Low Sulfur Undyed167Crude (any)001
Fuel Oil # 1 Undyed150Condensate (not Crude)049
Diesel Fuel # 4 Undyed154Asphalt188
Diesel Fuel High Sulfur # 1 Undyed282Food960
Diesel Fuel High Sulfur # 2 Undyed283Soy Oil285
Diesel Fuel Dyed:Waste Oil091
Diesel Fuel High Sulfur Dyed226

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