Schedule A (Form 940) for 2021

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Form 940sa: Schedule A (Form 940) for 2021

Use Tax Form 940sa: Schedule A (Form 940) for 2021 as a stand alone tax form calculator to quickly calculate specific amounts for your 2021 tax return. Form 940sa: Schedule A (Form 940) for 2021 is also integrated into our comprehensive US Tax Calculator where you can complete and save your calculations for later use. Alternatively you can use one of our Combined Federal and State Tax Estimator to quickly calculate your salary, tax and take home pay.

Schedule A (Form 940) for 2016:
Place an “X” in the box of EVERY state in which you had to pay state unemployment tax this year. For each state with a credit reduction rate greater than zero, enter the FUTA taxable wages, multiply by the reduction rate, and enter the credit reduction amount. Don't include in the FUTA Taxable Wages box wages that were excluded from state unemployment tax (see the instructions for Step 2). If any states don't apply to you, leave them blank.
AKx 0 NCx 0
ALx 0 NDx 0
ARx 0 NEx 0
AZx 0 NHx 0
CAx 0.018 NJx 0
COx 0 NMx 0
CTx 0 NVx 0
DCx 0 NYx 0
DEx 0 OHx 0
FLx 0 OKx 0
GAx 0 ORx 0
HIx 0 PAx 0
IAx 0 RIx 0
IDx 0 SCx 0
ILx 0 SDx 0
INx 0 TNx 0
KSx 0 TXx 0
KYx 0 UTx 0
LAx 0 VAx 0
MAx 0 VTx 0
MDx 0 WAx 0
MEx 0 WIx 0
MIx 0 WVx 0
MNx 0 WYx 0
MOx 0 PRx 0
MSx 0 VIx 0.018
MTx 0

Tip: use the US Tax Calculator to edit your refundable and non-refundable tax credits including Form 940sa: Schedule A (Form 940) for 2021. Complete, Calculate, print and or save your tax calculation for later use.

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