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Daily Expense Savings Calculator

the Daily Expense Savings Calculator allows you to produce a day to day financial plan which helps you turn that coffee or donut into something bigger. You can simply enter your daily savings amount and add investment details to see how your saving could look if invested for a certain period of time. You will also find examples of daily savings plans and further information about this calculator. We hope you find this financial tool useful, if so, please share with your friends on your favourite social network.

Daily Expense Savings Calculator
Savings Plan: Control your spending and access your money
The amount you intend to save
times perHow often you propose to save this amount
Amount of savings at the end of the savings plan
Investment Plan: Make your money work for you
% per annum (Interest rate of savings plan)
The length of the investment period of your savings plan.
Amount of money saved at the end of the period if you kept the money in a jar.
Amount of savings at the end of the investment period
The additional money that your savings have earned by investing them in a saving scheme etc.
Note - this calculation is based on the same amount being constantly saved into the plan over the period

Create a budget and the calculator shows how much you can save to meet and how to meet your budget plan each day, month and year

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About the Daily Expense Savings Calculator

Have you ever wondered how much money you could save by reducing the amount you spend on daily expenses such as lunch, travel, treats etc? You are not alone...

Over recent years there has been a definite shift to people reviewing their personal finances. After years of finance corporations and banks pushing credit in the form or mortgages, personal loans, car finance etc. individual debt has reached new highs. This personal debt was fuelled by the banking systems endorsement and, if we are honest, aggressive credit selling campaigns. After the banking crisis of the early 21st century which saw global governments put their focus and support on banks rather than people, individuals finally started to look carefully at their own financial status and closely examine where their money was being spent on a day to day basis.

It makes real sense for you to know and understand your finances, this ensures you and your family make the most of your money. Why work hard every day simply to put your money in financial corporations pockets? When you plan a budget, it can change your life very quickly and it is surprising how quickly saving money can become a daily goal that give you a sense of achievement and control over your life. More importantly, managing your finances increases your stability and your ability to survive the next banking crisis as they have been increasing common over the past 50 years.

Okay, enough doom and gloom, this is about taking positive, simple steps to financial freedom, right? This is about you controlling your financial future.

The Daily Expense Savings Calculator is designed to help you understand and evaluate how a simple change in your life could make you huge savings. Let's start by being realistic as your need to be honest with yourself if you are going to make this finance plan work. Most of us cannot change our big expenses like the rent/mortgage, car finance payments, food bills, gas, electric, oil and so on. Sure, we could move to a smaller house, turn the lights off, use the car less etc. which does help but, if you are a parent most of those are very difficult to achieve. This is why a lot of personal finance plans fail, starting big simply sets you up for failure. The best personal finance plans start small, its about meeting that financial goal, getting a good few wins, driving that positive feeling that allows you to succeed and challenge yourself to make bigger financial savings, to push the boundaries of your finance and make your money work for you. Good financial planning is like life, you have to master crawling before you hit the ball out of the park and cruise some home runs.

The Daily Expense Savings Calculator provides some examples which we hope trigger some ideas of how you can look at your finances differently.

Our Daily Expense Savings calculator does just this, it illustrates how those few cents and dollars can be transformed into a rainy day fund, a well needed vacation, money to pay for Christmas or as a shopping spree treat. A treat may sound excessive when saving right? Wrong! Financial planning is about meeting a goal. You will be more likely to meet future goal if you allow yourself to enjoy your financial rewards. In life, you should always celebrate your victories and learn from your mistakes, most people do but they rarely apply this to their daily financial planning, well, think, plan and learn... it's time to take control of your finances and make them work for you.

Making a Daily Savings Finance Plan

Simply enter the amount you propose to save, and the frequency (e.g. if you are cutting back on lunch money then it would probably be 5 times per week) in the boxes below. The Daily Expense Savings calculator will automatically calculate as you enter the details.

The Daily Expense Savings Calculator will then calculate how much you saved for the period shown, whether a week, month year or more. Making a daily savings plan for more than a year, go you! That is hard core saving, we hope you meet that financial goal.

Finance Planning: Making your money work for you.

The first part of the daily finance plan calculation was to show you how much extra money you would have at the end of your savings plan IF you kept the money in your pocket or kept it in a jar. Now lets look at what that pot of cash could do for you. No point in it sitting in a pot looking good when it could be earning you a few bucks.

Lets look at a simply financial illustration of a small cash investment and how much more money you could have at the end of the investment. We can then compare the two figures to illustrate exactly how your money could work for you.

Having entered your savings plan details above, you should now enter details of an investment plan.

  1. Start by entering the interest rate. This will determine the amount of interest your investment accumulates during the course of the plan. When choosing an investment, you want the highest rate you can get. When you start with a small investment amount, the interest rate is normally low. As your investment fund grows, it will attract better interest rates and options. Always shop around, look for those investment deals with the best rates but ensure you checks the small print. Higher interest rates normally mean you can\t access your cash for a specific period, not recommended if you are building up a rainy day fund which you may need to access without notice.
  2. Enter the term of the investment, this is the duration or time that you will invest your cash. If you are just starting out, use a shorter duration, remember, this is about meeting those financial goals, let's start by getting to that financial first base.

As you entered your financial details or investment plan details, the Daily Expense Savings Calculator worked out your potential return on investment. You can now compare how much you saved simply by not spending those few cents and dollars with a a figure that illustrates how that money could perform is used as an investment.

There are 3 example buttons below the Daily Expense Savings Calculator, each savings example has a different scenario which we hope will provide you a few ideas. Click the example buttons to see how our Daily Savers planned and achieved their financial goals. You can read more about each scenario further down this page..