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New York Tax Form 203a: Business Allocation Schedule

Use the New York Tax Form Calculator New York Tax Form 203a: Business Allocation Schedule as a stand alone tax form calculator to quickly calculate specific amounts for your 2024 New York state tax return.

Business Allocation Schedule
Schedule A – List all places, both in and out of New York State or the MCTD, where you carry on business
1 – Street address2 – City and state3 – Description (see instructions)
Schedule B – Formula basis allocation, if books do not show the portion from New York State or MCTD sources
Items used as factorsColumn A
Totals – in and out of New York State (or MCTD)
Column B
New York State (or MCTD) amounts
Column C
Percent Column B is of Column A
1Real property owned1
2Real property rented from others2
3Tangible personal property owned3
3aTangible personal property rented from others 3a
4Property percentage (add lines 1 through 3a)4%
5Payroll percentage (see instructions)5%
6Gross income percentage (see instructions)6%
7Total of percentages (add lines 4, 5, and 6, Column C)7%
8Business allocation percentage (divide line 7 total by three, or by actual number of percentages if less than three)8%
9Allocation of business income to New York State – Multiply each item of business income or loss reported on Form IT-203, Federal amount column, that is required to be allocated by the percentage from line 8. Use the following lines to compute the New York State amounts and then transfer these amounts to the proper lines on Form IT-203, New York State amount column. (If additional lines are needed, submit a schedule.)
Line number $ X % (line 8) = $
Line number $ X % (line 8) = $
Line number $ X % (line 8) = $
Line number $ X % (line 8) = $
10Allocation of net earnings from self-employment to the MCTD – Multiply these net earnings from self-employment by the allocation percentage from line 8. Include this amount on line 54a of Form IT-201 or line 52b of Form IT-203.
Net earnings $ X % (line 8) = $

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