Disability Income Exclusion

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New York Tax Form 221: Disability Income Exclusion

Use the New York Tax Form Calculator New York Tax Form 221: Disability Income Exclusion as a stand alone tax form calculator to quickly calculate specific amounts for your 2024 New York state tax return.

Disability Income Exclusion
Column A (yourself)Column B (your spouse)
1Enter total disability pay you received during this tax year11
Excludable disability pay (see instructions)
2Multiply $100 by the number of weeks for which your disability payments were at least $100. Enter total22
3If you received disability payments of less than $100 for any week, enter the total amount you received for all such weeks33
4If you received disability payments for less than a week, enter the smaller amount of either the amount you received or the highest exclusion allowable for the period (see instructions)44
5Add lines 2, 3, and 4. Enter the total55
Limit on exclusion (see instructions)
11Enter line 10 amount in Column A. This is your disability income exclusion. However, if both spouses received disability pay, see instructions for proration.Column A (yourself)Column B (your spouse)
Transfer the total of columns A and B to Form IT-225, line 10, Total amount column and enter subtraction modification S-124 in the Number column.

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