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You are currently viewing Compare ROTH and IRA - Online Interactive Pension Plan Calculator. Use the Tax Form Calculator to calculate your Federal and State Tax Return. Updated with 2019/2020 tax tables. You may also like our 2019 Tax Saving Tips.

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Retirement planning can seem like a chore, moreover it is often difficult to understand which of the various retirement plans offer the best value for you when planning and saving or your retirement.

The ROTH and IRA Retirement saving calculator allows you to compare how your money will work for you when using either of the pension schemes. You may also like to try our Traditional IRA calculator and / or the standalone ROTH IRA Calculator.

Note that the same contributions limits app to all ROTH and traditional IRA's. For more information on ROTH, please read the material on the IRS website.

Enter details of one or both plans

Traditional IRA Roth IRA
Detail Figures Detail Figures Comments
Annual Contribution ($) Annual Contribution ($) Enter your annual contribution
Contribution is amount paid Select "Before Tax" or "After Tax" from dropdown
Current Tax Rate (%) Current Tax Rate (%) Income Tax rate
Nett Amount Annual contribution allowing for tax.
Saving period (years) Saving period (years) Number of years to maturity
Rate of Return (%) Rate of Return (%) Interest rate payable annually
On Maturity
Maturity amount ($) Maturity amount ($) Gross amount on maturity
Total Tax payable Total Tax payable n/a The total amount of tax due in retirement
Nett Amount ($) Nett Amount ($) Nett amount after allowing for tax in retirement

The payment schedule below is based on a fixed annual contribution and rate of return as above

Page 1

Payment Schedule
Traditional IRA Roth IRA
Payment number Nett Amount Tax Paid Interest Balance Gross Amount Tax paid Nett Amount Interest Balance

Total amounts paid over the amorization period

Total Amounts
Traditional IRA Roth IRA
Payment number Nett Amount Tax Paid Interest Balance Gross Amount Tax paid Nett Amount Interest Balance


Retirement Savings Comparison - ROTH and IRA

Tip: use the Advanced Tax Calculator to see how your pension savings affect your tax return. Pension investments attract non-refundable tax credits, that means you only get those credits [a reduction in your tax] if you invest in your pension. Pensions are a great way of reducing your Federal and State tax bills as well as ensuring you have enough savings and funds for when you retire...

Calculate your Pension return for ROTH and IRA using this free online pension and retirement calculator

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