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Tip: This Federal Budget calculation for an individual with an annual salary of $ 52,000.00 per year. The Federal Income Tax calculation of $4,614.50 is then computed against the 2019/20 Federal Budget to provide a breakdown of your Federal income tax in terms of how it is allocated against key financial categories as determined by Congress.

Federal Budget Calculation - Allocation of Income Tax for an Annual Salary of $52,000.00

An individual tax payer living in California filing as single for the 2019 tax year would pay $4,614.50 in Federal tax. The Federal tax collected would then be split amongst the relevant financial categories below. The percentages shown can fluctuate each year, particularly the Discretionary spending elements as they are determined each year by Congress during the annual appropriations process.

Budget Category Discretionary Spending
Mandatory Spending
Combined (where applicable) Interest on Federal Debt
Transportation $31.95 (2.36%) $68.30 (2.29%) $100.25 $278.25 (100%)
Veterans Benefits $79.34 (5.86%) $110.65 (3.71%) $189.98
Food and Agriculture $15.98 (1.18%) $142.26 (4.77%) $158.23
Medical and Health $80.29 (5.93%) $1,145.22 (38.4%) $1,225.51
Social Security, Unemployment and Labor $35.34 (2.61%) $1,448.23 (48.56%) $1,483.57
Housing and Community $76.90 (5.68%)
Education $85.02 (6.28%)
Science $36.15 (2.67%)
Energy and Environment $47.52 (3.51%)
Government $88.54 (6.54%)
Military $727.18 (53.71%)
International Affairs $49.69 (3.67%)
Other $67.70 (2.27%)
Total Expenditure $1,353.89 $2,982.35 n/a $278.25

Understanding this calculation and table

The split down and calculation of Federal Budget spend in relation to Federal Income Tax returns may seem a little odd at first so let's look at an example using the Veterans Benefit financial category:.

For arguments sake, let's say you pay $100.00 exactly in Federal tax.

  1. First, we break the total Federal tax paid ($100.00) into the three main Federal Budget Categories. So, $64.63 is allocated to Mandatory Spending, $29.34 is allocated to Discretionary Spending and $6.03 to the repayment of Interest on Federal Debt.
  2. When we look at Veterans Benefits in the Discretionary Spending budget category, we see that 5.86% of the Discretionary Spending budget is allocated. That is 5.86% of $29.34 which is $1.72
  3. If we now look at Veterans Benefits in the Mandatory Spending budget category, we see that 3.71% of the Mandatory Spending budget is allocated. That is 3.71% of $64.63 which is $2.40
  4. So, if we add the total of those two tax budget amounts ( $2.40 + $1.09 ) we have a total combined budget of $3.49 which is directly contributed to Veterans Benefits from the Federal Income Tax paid.

How we calculated your Federal Tax

Your Federal Income Tax was calculated by factoring your annual income of $ 52,000.00 and factoring in standard non-refundable tax credits and deductions for a single filer.

These calculations first compute your taxable income (from a Federal perspective). Your taxable income is then calculated using the 2019/20 Federal Tax Tables, this calculation is shown below for your reference.

The results show that you will pay $4,614.50 in Federal Tax for the 2019/20 tax year. The pie charts then illustrate how your tax is first split into Mandatory, Discretionary and Interest on Debt and then split down into specific financial categories, the percentages of which are determined by Congress for 2019/20 and updated annually.

Tax RateThresholdTax Due in Band
10%$0.00 to $9,700.00 $970.00
12%$9,700.00 to $39,475.00 $3,573.00
22%$39,475.00 to $84,200.00 $71.50
Federal Income Tax Total from all Rates$4,614.50

$ 52,000.00 Federal Income Tax Calculation for 2019 Tax Year

You can see a full Federal and State Income Tax breakdown and explanation of how we calculated the Federal tax here: Federal and State Tax Calculation for $ 52,000.00 Salary in 2019

Tip: California is used as the default State for Federal Budget allocation based on Federal Income Tax calculation, you can choose an alternate State using the 2019 State Federal Budget Income Tax calculator.

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